Recording Studio

Legend Music Phuket’s production studio is optomised for vocal production, mixing and mastering, and working with solo artists.

The studio is a digital studio running Cubase, with a 24 channel analogue front end of Focusrite Liquid Channel, ISA and Mackie Onyx preamps. The studio equipment is selected to provide customers with the power of digital editing and mixing, as well as the luxury of recording through high-end preamps.

The Focusrite’s Liquid Channels and Liquid 4 Pre preamps enable customers to choose between a wide variety of the world’s best vintage and modern preamps and compressors with ease.

The studio has a modest selection of microphones ranging from Shure SM57’s and 58’s to hand-built boutique mics like Lawson’s L47MkII, and L251.

Source Connect is available for remote recording, and there’s a Roland TD6 electronic drum kit available for tracking drum tracks.

Monitoring and Mixing

The recording is heard through ADAM S3A midfields and Samson Resolv 6A nearfields.

Headphones for tracking:

  • Audio Technica
  • Sony
  • Sennheiser


Plug-ins offer an endless array of quality effects, EQ’s and processors to ensure each customer gets exactly what they want to hear. Plug-ins include, Focusrite Liquid Mix, Sonnox, Melodyne, Waves, Auto-Tune, iZotope, and many, many more.

Keyboard Controller

The CME UF8 88 key controller with weighted hammer action keys, is the perfect front end to the many piano, bass and synth modules that are available.


The studio has a modest mic closet that ranges from the standard work horse mics such as Shure SM57’s and 58’s to hand-built boutique mics such as Lawson’s L47 and L251.


  • Ibanez Iceman IC900
  • Epiphone Flying V
  • Epiphone SG G400
  • Epiphone Firebird
  • Vintage Ibanez “Lawsuit Model 1977’
  • Four string Washburn Bass
  • Squire Telecaster “Avril Lavinge Signature Series”
  • Washburn PS 100 B “Paul Stanley Signature Series”
  • Silvertone Apocalypse “Paul Stanley Signature Series”
  • Fender Stratocaster “American” x 2