Welcome to Legend Music

Professional recording studio Phuket Thailand - Legend MusicLegend Music is a Music Production company, Music Publishing company and Record Label based in Thailand.

We have production facilities in Phuket  offering digital recording and editing with a top-quality analogue interfaces.

Record in Paradise!

Our services include:
Music Production, Tracking, Mixing, Mastering, Audio Restoration, Voice Overs, Sound Design, ADR, Foley and SFX


Owned and operated by ex-South African producer and composer Gary Crause.


Recent projects at Legend Music:

Mechanic Resurrection Film

Legend Music were asked to do some ADR for the film.

Vicki Kiely

Vicki asked Legend Music if we could take her rough demos and turn them into fully produced songs. She provided some references and we did he rest. Here’s some of her music videos from the Mercy album that we did together!


Colin ‘illy’ Hill Band

Colin Hill and his band are regular clients of the studio. It is always an immense pleasure working with Colin in the studio and in live productions. Colin recently chose Legend Music to track, mix and master his new track Everybody Ought To Know. Legend Music also edited the music video.



PAPA TV is the Campus TV Studio of the Phuket Academy of Performing Arts. All PAPA TV sound and video editing is done at Legend Music.


Student Recordings with Siobhan’s Music Studio and the Phuket Academy of Performing Arts

Legend Music regularly works with the talented music students from the Phuket Academy of Performing Arts and Siobhan’s Music Studio. So many of these kids are super talented, and it is an amazing experience to watch them develop musically.



Producing Legends of Siam

Legends of Siam are a young Rock band out of Phuket. Working with them is effortless, and they are all talented way beyond their years! Legend Music tracked, mixed and mastered their debut album ‘This Means War’.

Legends of Siam This Means War CD Design



Run Paradise

Legend Music was asked to write and produce a song for Laguna Phuket’s annual international marathon. The race’s catch phrase is ‘Run Paradise’ which we thought was a great song title.

Rob Cooke and I wrote and recorded the song. We were lucky enough to get stellar South African vocalist Deon du Toit (Toxic Shame) to do the lead vocals on the song.


Recording Pat Savage’s Wind & Fire album

Canadian Biker / Rocker Pat Savage recorded his latest Wind & Fire album at Legend Music. Pat wanted us to make the ‘best biker album ever made’, so we set about writing and recording it over a period of a year, while Pat got some much needed R&R in Phuket, Thailand.

The album was engineered and produced by Gary Crause, mixed by Gary Crause and Rob Cooke, and mastered by Rob Cooke.


Recording Jimmy Fame’s Wanted Man album

Jimmy Fame and his band tracked his latest album ‘Wanted Man’ live at Legend Music. The band were tight and we got through the tracking and overdubs of the record in three full day sessions.

The album was engineered and tracked by Gary Crause and Rob Cooke. Wanted Man was  mixed and produced by Colin Hill.


Recording Dark Fiber’s Fibrate album

Dark Fiber recorded their Fibrate album at Legend Music in Phuket. Here’s two music videos from the project.

“House of the Rising Sun” by Dark Fiber. Video and music produced by Gary Crause, Legend Music

“I Am What I Am” by Dark Fiber. Video and music produced by Gary Crause, Legend Music


Writing and recording Shine a Loving Light for Love Aid Phuket

Love Aid Phuket were raising funds for victims of the tsunami in Japan and the floods in Southern Thailand, and asked Legend Music if we would like to be involved in their fund raising efforts. We obliged by writing Shine a Loving Light, and invited many of Phuket’s best talents – young and old – to come in and perform on it.

Graham Andrews offered to do a music video for the track, and the song and music video were released together to raise funds for the causes.


“Do You Wanna Funk” by Maya. Produced by Gary Crause, Legend Music